Learn To Weld With These Easy Steps

Learn To Weld With These Easy Steps


Welding means merely joining two metal pieces together with the help of electricity. You have to be careful while handling this task as it may turn to be dangerous without proper care. You need to learn to weld before you take the equipment in your hands. First of all, there is some equipment that you have to purchase before you start the job.

  • Helmet

Welding helmetYou have to protect your eyes from the bright light from welding, and also if the metal particles or the sparks hit your face, it may turn out to be dangerous. Cheap welding helmets may not always turn to be the best helmet. But sometimes, best welding helmet under $100 can also serve the purpose. It is still the quality that matters.

  • Welding gloves

They are required to keep yourself from getting any electric shock or even burning yourself. They will have a tough coating as it makes of animal skin.leather apron and gloves

  • Leather apron

A durable and original one is advisable as you have to keep yourself from catching fire.

Welding mild steel has 3/8″ thickness is one which you have to be familiar with at the beginning stage. You have to keep your equipment ready along with the most important one that is the welder itself. There are different varieties to choose from, but a beginner is advised to opt for a 110-volt “wire-feed” welder or GMAW/MIG (Gas Metal Arc Welding or Metal Inert Gas)

  • Step 1: Clean the metal

You have to scrape off the paint on the metal as well as the rust present on it. Sandpaper will do the trick! Applying acetone wiping the entire metal is a must do as it will make the material free of any containment which would otherwise hinder your process of welding. Do not forget to dry it out.

  • Step 2: Practice makes perfection

Rather than destroying the welding material on the first go, it would be better if you do some practice on old scrape material thereby, you will learn to weld. Once you get the hang of it and is satisfied with your new welding skills, you can do it on the actual material that you have kept aside earlier.

  • Step 3: The fitting

Have to bring the welded material together, you have to make sure if it fits and holds tightly. If it is loose, then do small welding or tack it just to keep it together before the final welding.

  • Step 4: The final weld

Once you have learn to weld, you can do this last step. While welding, hold the gun at an angle of 45 degrees and aim at the targeted point and move it along the joint


  • You need proper ventilation that the area you work on or else a lot of health issues like respiratory problems will cause if we in inhale the metal particles.
  • Wear your protection equipment before you undertake the task.

If you put your heart into it, you will understand that welding is not as difficult as it sounds. With these basic steps to learn to weld and you will be a pro in no time.


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