How to use a MIG Welder

How to use a MIG Welder


The Metal Inert Gas Welding or the MIG welding is something that is extremely helpful for doing and completing most of your Do It Yourself projects. In fact, it is quite easy to use a MIG welder, which is useful in doing DIY projects. It is a process that involves fast and durable welding up of joints, may it be small or large. It is widely used today in shops and many enthusiasts and hobby artists. A MIG welder is highly useful for people preferring to take up DIY jobs.

About how it does to be precise, we have the following information:

DIY project - mig welding

  • MIG welding involves bringing in a wire through the tip of a MIG gun that feeds it through.
  • The cable transfers the current to the gun
  • The weapon then passes the current onto the arc point.
  • Thus, an inert gas is used that flows out of the gas nozzle and made contact.

Understanding the use of a MIG welder is no difficult task. Once you get used to it, it comes in quite handy to complete everyday household repairing tasks. A MIG welder can very quickly be put to use on metals, stainless steel and all types of aluminum material.

It must note that one must take proper care while using a MIG welder. Safety measures need to make necessary. Selection of an adequate big gun is also very essential. It varies in various shapes and sizes. From the surface area, any inflammable material needs to remove before welding. It must also be noted that not many people are surrounding the welding area, as it may be harmful to them as well.

Obtaining a proper wire for the MIG welder is very essential. The quality of welding depends on the thickness and quality of the fence. Hence it must choose wisely. Next, the reel must be tightened enough so that the wire doesn’t lose out or fall off.  All the parts should tightly fit into, the cable is selected, and the wire then is inserted into the nozzle of the MIG welder.

After all the preparations, for proper welding process have to follow the following steps:

  • The welding machine must set DC Electro Positive for the polarity.
  • While welding, the electrode must be extended for a clean and regular weld.
  • It needs to use proper shielding gas.
  • To weld a joint, a technique must use a drag or push weld.
  • The gun should hold at 90 degrees to the surface area for making a flat weld.
  • For overhead welding, one should use the standard welding technique, but at a considerably faster pace.
  • The excess filler should shred off once doing the welding.
  • It must be noted that, if the weld is not up to the mark, one needs to re-weld the joint.

Thus, we can say that a MIG welder is the best professional tool on-board for one and all.

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