How to choose the best welding helmet?

How to choose the best welding helmet?


Welding is a hazardous task with a high risk of damage to the eyes. The bright light emitted while welding may prove to be dangerous. It may lead to either temporary or permanent damage to eyes. Occasionally, sparks from welding may fall on your face, which may lead to further complications. Automatic welding helmets should use to avoid such circumstances, and the object which is welding makes it easier for the eyes to focus on by reducing the intensity of the bright light emitted while welding.

These helmets have the sensor which senses the light emitted during welding and reduces its intensity by many times with the help of powerful lenses with a short delay. Ultraviolet rays which are emitted while welding is very dangerous to human eyes, which can cause multiple problems including temporary loss of vision.

Electronic welding helmet blocks the ultraviolet rays which may reach human eyes while welding. There are various types of electronic welding helmets in the present market and choosing the best helmet is crucial in providing the highest amount of safety and comfort while welding.

Electronic welding helmet

There are several factors to keep in mind before choosing the best helmet for welding which includes the weight of the helmet, type of lens, the size of the lens, clarity of lens, etc.

Most welders need to work for 6 to 8 hours at a stretch. If the weight of the helmet is too heavy, it can lead to neck and spinal problems.

Depending on the financial capabilities and compatibility, one must choose between an auto-darkening lens and a passive lens. Auto-darkening lens saves time while welding by adjusting the brightness levels so that the welder need not take out the helmet to look at his work frequently. Passive glasses are more affordable compared to auto-darkening lenses, and they provide clearer vision while welding. Welders with experience shouldn’t have any problem with a passive lens, but beginners are recommended to use auto-darkening lenses.

The size of the lens also plays an essential factor in the determination of the quality of the helmet. A good helmet has a more significant lens compared to other inferior quality helmets. As the size of the lens increases, the field of vision increases, this is particularly helpful in case of cramped spaces.

Clarity of the lens should be as high as possible because welding requires precise hand movement which won’t be possible with a blurred lens.

Electronic welding helmets can either solar-powered or battery powered. It is important to check the level of charging of the cells in case of battery powered masks. In fact, the battery is low or nil; the helmet may not offer adequate protection which may lead to severe eye problems.

The cost of the helmet also plays a vital role in the selection of the best helmet because in the market helmets are overpriced. One must check the quality of cheap auto-darkening welding helmets before purchasing.

Manufacturers of top rated welding helmets usually keep these factors in mind so one must also check the ratings of the helmets in online sites before investing money on them.

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