Features of Large view Welding helmets

Features of Large view Welding helmets


With continuous developments in the technological and end-use industry, the demand for consumables of welding is bound to show strong growth. Around 45.37 billion by 2020 is the approximate market valuation of the market. It makes the demand for large view Welding helmets rise in the market.

Let us see how we can identify the best helmet among the available options in the brands available in the market. Also, I will guide you through the cheapest welding brands, top-rated welding helmets and best welding helmet under $100. We will base our conclusions on best reviews available on welding helmets.

Large view Welding helmets

The headgears which protect the face, head, and eyes from harmful infrared, ultraviolet rays, heat and flash burns during welding are commonly known as full view Welding Helmets. There are various types of large view Welding helmets and machines available for welding:

  • a) The type of welders used for welding thinner metals is usually higher quality MIG Welders.
  • b) TIG welders are the kind of welders who can use efficiently at home, and they mean for hobbyists and enthusiasts.
  • c) Those welders who are applying as welding head masks cover in the arena of welding helmets.

The brands which manufacture top quality large view welding helmets are:

  • Jackson
  • Speedglas
  • Hobart
  • Miller
  • Antra
  • Arcaro
  • Rhino
  • Arcone

These companies cover the best helmet market by providing products in all the ranges including costly, reasonable and cheap. Miller and Rhino provide the cheaper products with good specifications. The best company delivering best large view welding helmet is the Speedglas which is quite costly though.

Here are the features which you should find in your best welding mask:

  • Weight- Weight is a significant feature while testing your welding helmet as this can lead to fatigue and uneasy burden on your head while working which we do not want! So make sure you purchase a lightweight helmet and stay cool while working.
  • Darkened lenses- These are the lenses which are made up of protecting ingredients to fight back the infrared and ultraviolet rays so that your precious eyes keep working.
  • Switching speed of lenses- the quickness of the auto adjustment lens machine is what makes it more desirable. The more will be the quick auto adjustment, the more it will aid in working.
  • Rays- The helmets must have an auto adjustment lens so that there will be no need for purchasing different types of lenses.
  • Safety Standards- The product should meet the national standards of safety of the workers. For the worker’s safety have to take all the safety steps.
  • Sensors- The more will be the sensors, the better it is for the user’s safety and convenience in working.

The best helmet for you is the one who pays the best price for the money available to you to spend.


  • Miller and Rhino offer good welding helmets below $100.
  • Purchase the helmet according to your use and not according to money.
  • Cheap helmets will lead to high maintenance costs in the future.
  • When the product purchase in a good company it yields Long-term benefits.

Look at all the specifications and choose the one which is best for you. Now you are ready to make a wise decision to purchase your large view welding helmet. Happy purchasing to you!


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