Buying Guide To Pick the Best Welder For Beginners

Buying Guide To Pick the Best Welder For Beginners

Thinking of taking up welding as a hobby, it is the perfect guide to properly venture into welding when you need to know more about it. Education regarding welding is critical before you start tinkering with metals in your backyard. Let’s walk through how a beginner should start to weld things correctly.  Being equipped with all the necessary tools is the first step for beginners and there is some best welder for beginners available in the market. Unfortunately, there is no single method to start the welding process once you have the means. But it is advantageous to have alternatives available. There are four different ways of beginning to weld projects you have taken up. Let us see which one suits you the best and how the science of welding works.

An overview of the Processes:

best welder for beginners

  • Gas Metal Arc Welding:

Commonly known as MIG welders, this process uses a constant speed.  The wired welding electrode in the spool automatically feeds into these MIG welders. An electrical current produces between the wire and the base metal creating an arc. It results in the melting of the cable and its subsequent connection to the base, providing an unbreakable weld. Not only will the weld require less cleaning but it also has a gleaming appearance. It uses all types of plate metals of various amounts of thickness.

  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding:

Commonly known as TIG welders, the process is an arc welding focused on welding thin layered metals, and the TIG welding process provides excellent results with alloys, non-iron metals, and steel. It is a more laborious and more complicated process to master than the other welding processes. A slow process, it allows the operator to have good control, more so than other methods of welding. It uses a tungsten rod that is non-consumable for producing the weld. It has proven to be the best weld for some beginners. A shield gas, which is commonly argon, is used to prevent the weld from getting contaminated. All of this set up then supports the constant electric supply conducted through an arc to a column of gas that is highly ionized. The water vapors generated during the process are known as plasma.

  • Arc Welding:

Arc welding is an old technique. It has been used for many years and is famous for home-shop needs.  The process takes place through the use of the arc welding electrode. The flowing current between the metal and the welding rod allows the alloys to become welded together. It is a cost-effective method.  It said that this is the best welder for beginners.

The best method for hobbyists and home welders is to set a limit at 18 gauges. The spatter created is enormous and needs to be cleaned to get smoother finishes. Since the method is conventional, it is hard to learn and handling the arc is quite a tough job.

So now that we know the type of welding processes available to us, how are we going to decide which one is the best for us? Some hints are already available in the explanation of the procedures given above. But let’s see which one fits you the best.

The majority wins. It is the case not only with politics but welding activity as well. What is the majority of the events of welding you are going to undertake? Are you going to regularly weld, on the weekend or occasionally? Answering these questions allows you to choose the best welding technique for you. The final step knows that MIG welding works best for cast iron, brass, chromyl, and exotic metals. Arc welding is suitable for welding aluminum alloys, brass, and cast iron as well as chromyl and exotic metals. TIG welding is suitable only for cast iron. With this information, the hobbyists can now choose the best welding method for beginning this task.

Below are some products that are rated as the best welding caps for beginners review with their Goods and bads. 

Instapark Auto Darkening Solar Welding Helmet This company provides tools for welding. A beginner or a professional can read this review to be able to make a smart purchase. The product which we will be discussing is an Auto Darkening Welding Helmet. The model number of this new helmet is ADF-206S. We will be examining the features that this product offers to guide you in making a right buying decision.

  • Sensors: The auto darkening welding helmet has four arc sensors for darkening which help the operator to weld metal with ease.  It comes with automatic power on and off.
  • Guarantee: The product comes with a warranty on the product which the buyer can confirm with the manufacturer directly.
  • Usability: Tanox caters to the needs of the transportation industries and mining as well as repair and operations related to construction activities.
  • Complimentary Gloves: Tanox provides an additional pair of gloves free at no additional cost to attract customers. The company aims to provide value to its customers and keep them satisfied.
  • Availability: The product is readily available. It is in stock and also purchased from leading online selling sites, including Amazon.


  • The purchaser gets gloves along with the product at no extra charge.
  • The automated system of on and off
  • Padded interiors on the helmets for comfort while working.
  • Suitable for professionals and do it on your own.
  • Meets all standards to keep your eyes safe.


  • Comparatively heavier than other contemporary brands.
  • In the specifications, it does not provide the product’s warranty.
  • The user’s guide is not comprehensive, and for beginners, it can be an issue.
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The Tanox Auto-darkening helmet not only takes care to keep the eyes from being affected by IR and ultraviolet rays but also considers the comfort of the welders so that they can work smoothly.

Jackson Safety 46131 Welding HelmetJackson’s 46131 products is a new welding helmet offered by the company to both enthusiasts and professionals in welding. The product equips the following specifications which are explained in detail below:

  • Model and capability: MIG welding, arc welding, and TIG welding are using the model number 46131.
  • Shade range and view area: The helmet offers a shade range of 9-13. The view area is 3.93”X 2.36” which offers quite a bit of competition to other brands available on the market.
  • Price: The price of Jackson is quite reasonable at $144.30. Gift wrap is also available.
  • Weight and dimensions: The weight of the welding cap is a bit more, weighing 2.0 pounds, but it is average and can handle by the user. The dimensions of the helmet are 13.6” X 9.6” X 8.1”.
  • Availability: This auto-darkening welding helmet is in stock and can purchase from leading online sites with which Jackson has a business relationship.
  • Warranty and Compliance: The product meets compliance, safety, and accountability criteria. The customer can ask the customer service executive about the warranty criteria through online support. The company will provide the prospective buyer with the details.


  • Lightweight.
  • It offers a right viewing area.
  • It is CSA compliant.
  • Adapts to working conditions and adjusts accordingly.
  • Suitable for all weld processes.


  • It does not provide any information regarding the switching speed.
  • The product is costly in comparison with other brands available.
  • Problems with the design and material used in the makeup of the helmet.
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Instapark Auto Darkening Solar Welding HelmetInstapark’s new welding hood is model number GX990T. Instapark packs this product full of desirable specifications along with a low price. It makes it a lucrative option for buyers to consider. Let’s explore the features of the product to enable you to make an informed buying decision.

  • User-Friendly: Embedded with four sensors (optical) and solar powered, the helmet provides the most extensive viewing area available in its class with 3.94” X 3.86”. The auto-adjusting features of the product aid the user by delivering adequate eye protection at all times.
  • Design and weight: The design of the helmet is revolutionary and extremely durable, made with the idea of keeping the comfort of the consumer as one of the leading concerns. The interior of the product is fully padded which allows users to work in support.
  • Fast switching time: The Instapark’s switching time is the fastest among contemporary brands. The speed is 1/30000 of a second. Can you believe it?
  • Suitability: The helmet is capable of being used during arc welding, tungsten inert gas welding, and metal inert gas welding.
  • Warranty: information available from the manufacturer’s site by sending an email request to Customer Support. The company will then inform the potential customer of the warranty details.


  • Solar powered
  • Cost-effective
  • Fastest switching time
  • Largest viewing area


  • No warranty information provided.
  • It does not offer any complimentary product.
  • Knobs and sliders are small and can affect your work.
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This unique welding helmet with the features of being solar powered with reasonable pricing makes it a good option and possibly the best welding helmet available to the welders.

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