A Beginner’s Guide to Welding- Different Types Of welding

Working with metal can be very interesting but dangerous too at the same time. With interventions in technology, different types of welding techniques have also been advancing since years. Similarly, there have been several interventions for the development of good welding helmets. For any work, safety comes first, after that, while welding too; while working, we must use best helmets. Some of the most common different types of welding techniques has mentioned below:

safety while welding

  • MIG-Metal Inert Gas/GMAW-Glass Metal Arc Welding: This process is suitable for treating steel and aluminum. For fusing two metals, a wire electrode is using along with a shielded gas in this process.
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding: It is the most common of the welding types. It comprises of use of a welding stick which with the help of electric current, forms an arc between the metals and the welding stick.
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding: In this process, a tungsten electrode is used to heat up the metal to produce a welding puddle. This process requires high-end professional expertise and is quite expensive; however, it provides a high-quality finish to the welded metal.
  • Flux Cored Arc Welding: Flux cored arc welding has developed as an alternative to the process of shield welding. This process is just like the MIG-Metal Inert Gas Arc Welding. The only difference is, in this method a filler material or flux is using in the tubular wire, and in most of the cases depending on the type of filler shielding gas is also not required. Moreover, this process is highly popular because of its cost-effectiveness and ease of learning and implementing.

Let us discuss some of the tips which can improvise your safety while welding.

  • Get Packed: Any exposed skin can be the most common, yet one of the most painful mistakes if any mishap occurs. Wear proper welding suits & gloves so that there are no chances of catching up any UV or infrared rays which could otherwise cause massive damage.
  • Use Proper Gear: Opt for only fire-resistant suits. Moreover, comfortable and light-weight gears are available these days, which eliminate the excuse of bulky or uncomfortable gears. These days, there is a different type of welding equipment available in the market which can highly elevate the quality of work, as well, ensure your safety.
  • Use Auto Darkening Helmets: You can look out for auto-darkening welding helmet reviews online to get the best helmet for your safety.
  • Use of Correct Shoes: High-ankle leather shoes or boots are the best suited for protection while welding.
  • Preventing Stress Injuries: Auto-darkening helmets can avoid fatigue neck as they are lighter as compared to conventional helmets. They also provide relief to the eyes and reduce the break time in between the welds. You can look out for cheap auto welding helmets which can be effective and efficient in their work.

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